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 Born in 1960 in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, Chan and his family immigrated to Montreal, Canada in the winter of 1972, with brief stopovers in Saskatoon and Laporte, Saskatchewan. As an immigrant adjusting to North American culture, Chan spent his high school years doodling in the back of the classroom. He was introduced to the medium of printmaking at John Abbott College (1985-1987). This experience led him to complete two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees at Concordia University, first in Studio Arts with an emphasis on drawing and printmaking (1987-1992), followed by a concentration in Printmaking (1992-1996). Chan has been a regular member of Atelier Circulaire, a professional printmaking studio in Montreal’s Mile End district, since the summer of 2000. Founded in 1982, the renowned printshop is the largest in Canada. Atelier Circulaire provides Chan with a state of the art studio space in which to work as well as opportunities to promote, teach, and advance the medium of printmaking.

Artist Statement



My creative practice explores the interaction of gestural marks, textures, and forms. What might appear to the viewer as random, are essentially visual arrangements that I actively pursue, obtain, and record on a daily basis. In an age of incessant technology and visual pollution, many experience their everyday lives seeing only what they are told to see, blind to the visual possibilities that surround them. In my work, I aim to counteract this ever-growing trend through visual excavation of the urban landscape that surrounds me. Crumbled facades, cracks in the ground, stained and rusted objects are highlighted as subject matter in my work, leaving interpretation open to the viewer to discover their own meaning and to create their own personal relationship with the work.  Observing the unobserved, and showcasing this in my work, serves metaphorically as a commentary of where our world is going. Bringing the mundane into my work forces the audience to view these commonplace forms of work in a different light, and hopefully will ignite inspiration to look beyond current world disturbances.

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